Come inside ! The "Jean Boucher" museum awaits you.

It is well I remember, one of the first times I met Jean Boucher's son, Jean Marie. It was March 9th 1994, in the town of Hede, where Jean had lived for a long time.
Jean-Marie had chosen to donate a significant collection of sculptures and documents to Cesson Town Council. He relied on us to promote his father's works.
I remember during the discussion and in the heat of possible plans, we brought up the "great" idea of a museum devoted to the artist's works in his home town. Everything started from this meeting: the restoration of the works and memory of this Cesson "kid" -as he sometimes called himself.
Research and restoration of sculptures followed this meeting. Take for example the sculpture which piteously, lay dismantled in a suburban yard of Paris City Council's art depot…Yet this was the one and only sculpture in our country that represented enthusiasm and poetic realism. This encouraged the storming of the Bastille, which was a decisive episode in our history.

Today the Council plan leads to the creation, and setting on line, on the world wide web of a virtual museum devoted to Jean Boucher.
More than a mere art gallery, this numeric and interactive museum is a true data base - It is without any doubt "the" reference - on this artist, whose fame in his time and exemplary professionalism has contributed to the development and evolution of Breton sculpture, which was still in its infancy at the beginning of the 20th century.
Following the steps of Jean Boucher, this route has taken us nine years to reach this point of having internet backup material, and then to this virtual but real museum, The route made still surprises me with its documentary travels, made of discoveries between Rennes, Tréguier, Vitré, Paris, Dol de Bretagne, St Peter's Port in Guernesey, Verdun, Saint Pierre in Réunion, Nantes, Lima or running to and fro between stones, bronzes, marble or plaster statues and … kilobytes.
The technical and graphic culmination of this trail would have certainly pleased this clay moulder with his open and inquiring mind, who not only was a poet and a brave patriot but man of peace also, a lover of Britanny, a great democrat and humanist, a tireless creator who, as a true teacher, loved and knew how to share his art.

The Town Council, with the opening of this new numeric cultural space, open to the whole world, has kept its word : share with numbers and keep the memory and works of our Cesson "kid".

... in memory of Jean Marie Boucher, his son.

Jacques LE LIJOUR, Directeur Général des Services Municipaux.

Le musée virtuel a été mis en ligne le 22 mars 2003 sous l'impulsion de Monsieur Jacques DAGUZAN, Adjoint au Maire chargé des Affaires Culturelles, Loisirs, Jeunesse et Patrimoine.

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